Five tips for a successful legal firm marketing strategy

An essential part of legal practice is to develop an efficient and effective marketing strategy for your firm which will help you get clients. A law firm may claim to provide the best possible legal counsel and service and it may have some of the most resourceful and intelligent attorneys working for it, but if the legal firm marketing strategy is a failure, it means the firm won’t attract clients and would thus be left without work and without money. Here are five tips which you must incorporate in your legal firm marketing plan which is sure to bring in a hoard of clients.

  • Finance your marketing – If you are working on a marketing strategy, you must have a budget. You cannot develop a marketing plan with pennies. Rather, try investing at least 2% of your annual profits on marketing and just think of it as a long term investment which will surely give good returns if invested wisely. If you are short of cash, make sure you do not invest in marketing plans which do not give measurable returns like advertising in newspapers.
  • Networking through existing clients – Every law firm has a pre-existing base of clients which send them regular work as they are happy with the firm’s services. A very effective legal firm marketing strategy is to exploit these clients to see if you can squeeze out more cases from them, especially if the client happens to be a big multinational company. You can organize company events such as corporate lunches and invite these clients to make them feel more comfortable with trusting your firm.
  • Word of mouth marketing – The best and possibly the cheapest way is to get clients through referrals from existing or past clients. It is very important that the people you are hoping would put in a word of reference for you should know that you are willing to take on more clients. Also, it is important to make it clear what kind of work you are looking for as it would be really awkward if a person goes to great lengths to refer a matrimonial case to you when you only handle corporate matters.
  • Attend client board meetings – One of the most convenient ways of meeting high flying executives of different companies, and therefore potential clients, is through attending executive functions or board meetings of your existing clients. All you have to do is request your client to include you in their next board meeting and you can charm a couple of clients to come to your firm.
  • Assess your performance – Legal firm marketing is not an easy task, especially considering the immense competition every firm faces in the market. It is important to have a plan but it is equally important to assess whether the plan is working or not. Set a deadline for yourself after forming the strategy and at the end of the time period, assess whether your plan worked or not and what improvements you need to make.

Four key target areas for an effective strategy of SEO for lawyers or law firms

It is hardly surprising that in this age of technology, when a client looks for a lawyer to handle his case, the first option that comes to his mind is to search the internet to see which law firm can provide the services he needs. Chances are quite high that the client would simply select a law firm which features on the first page of the search results. And if you want the website of your law firm to feature on the first page, then you need to take appropriate steps for developing SEO for yourself or for your law firm.

The term SEO is not new but many people, especially lawyers, who belong to a completely different profession fail to grasp the key parameters required for SEO for lawyers. There are several marketing companies which offer their services. Nevertheless, if your keep the following four tips in mind while developing content for your website, you would never have to worry again whether your SEO for lawyers strategy is efficient or not.

  1. Use keywords identifying your location – When clients search for a law firm, they would almost always search for lawyers in a specific city or even a specific area in the city. It is necessary that while writing content for your website, you must incorporate keywords which identify the location of your law firm. You can include the name of your country, city, state as well as district or even a part of the city from where your firm operates. The more location oriented keywords you use, the better are the chances of your website featuring among the top ten search results.
  2. Use Google Maps to your advantage – One very important step of SEO for lawyers is to make sure that a prospective client has easy access to your firm. It is essential to make sure your firm is listed in all the local directories. Apart from that, apps like Google Maps and Local Carousel are also widely used to locate all kinds of services like hotels, restaurants and even law firms. You may have to invest a little to get yourself listed with such apps but it will definitely increase traffic for your website.
  3. Make your website easy to understand – You must keep in mind that a client is not a legal professional and often gets confused by the legal jargon he faces on a website. To prevent this, you should design your website in a way that is easy to understand and easy to navigate. The best way for this is to compartmentalize your website according to different areas of law. For example, you can have different tabs for matrimonial disputes, property disputes, criminal matters etc. with a set of sub-headings under each tab.
  4. Your website should be designed to impress the clients – A client visiting your firm’s website, either through random search engine results or through word of mouth referrals, is sure to get impressed if your include additional sections like case laws, press coverage, testimonials, case results, interactive blogs etc. Making your website impressive is the key to capturing the trust of the clients so that they choose you to handle their case.

Law firm logos: Why are They Important?

Law firms work effectively to cater the needs of various clients. But, due to the continuous workload, these firms do not concentrate on “brand” improvement. The result is they miss the opportunity to enjoy the huge potential of “branding”.

Branding is very successful because it gains the trust of the customers in the favor of the respective firm. Hence it earns many customers for the law firm, which in turn results in the highly profitable business. Law firm logos play an important role in branding and they are cost effective too.

What is a law firm logo?

This logo should provide the law firm’s motto clearly and the representation should be in a diagrammatic form. Typically, these logos are created with the symbols of justice in the backdrop. This pictorial representation states that the law firm is a pioneer in providing the legal services.

Their importance

Since these logos are required to improve the brand value of the law firms, they occupy a special place in the development of these firms. A logo for law firm brings a seriousness into the matters and the clients decipher it as a symbol of professionalism. A logo can create that much of an impact and hence the results are obvious.

Law firm logos are easy to remember. Since human brains like pictorial presentation than mere words, the logos have been received well by the masses. Since the theme of your firm is stated in the logo, people will be clear about the motto of your firm. A neatly laid picture is clear to understand than the simplest of words. Hence, you can take advantage of this aspect.

People tend to associate the firm with the logo. This is good in different conditions. An old client can remember the firm for a long time, even when there is a sea of competitors. A new customer can ring your door bells due to the strong branding. During any legal issues of clients, your firm’s logo is the first thing to come across their minds.

You can exhibit the logo proudly on your letterhead, visiting cards, etc. It does bring a strong sense of professionalism to your firm. Your clients will like it, while your competitors know who the master is. You can convey your intentions with the logo while not uttering or writing a single word.

Modern technology does appreciate the law firm logos. Just put the logo on your website or social networking sites and look at the response you get. New clients usually search internet for law firms these days. When they see your website or social networking profiles, they can get bowled out by your logo. It is one nice move to bring more clients to your office.

There are various logo designs for law firms and you can choose one which describes your firm accurately. You can also order custom made logo by sharing your ideas about the logo design. In either case, you cannot go wrong at all.

Logos for law firms are very important and they have the potential to bring more clients to the offices.

Strategised marketing leads to a stronger brand building

As a personal injury attorney one can understand the amount of competition in the market. The biggest challenge is to find the target audience. In order to gain the hold in the market and have a loyal client base individuals/ firm has to set their personal injury marketing right. We bring to you the right advise through the experts.

Brain storming

Personal injury is a specific and not a generic legal service. It is very different than regular legal firms and needs exposure to build up the client base. A lot depends on the volume of business in this practice. Hence its crucial to get the advertising and personal injury marketing strategy well in place. Discuss on the following aspect where you question, what is your target audience? What is the budget for marketing? How would you like to position yourself in the competitive environment? Are you aiming towards increasing the number of client? When you get answer to these questions, then you can decide on media/ marketing strategy which is effective and strong.


Set aside a generous budget to the marketing and media activities to make your presence felt. Yes it does depends on the size of the firm and location. However it is important to have an aggressive marketing in order to excel in this field. We would say don’t comprise and lose the chance of being heard well and amongst right people. After all it’s part of building your own brand and niche.

Personal injury advertising on TV

This can never go wrong as everyone in the world today as a TV. TV commercials are the fastest growing way to advertise and market your law firm and reach out to larger audiences. However,this could cost a bomb as it’s very expensive. Not just that,it’s a hectic task from conceptualizing to the promotion of the advertisement. It’s quite a hard work and could be daunting. But if you have the budgets and you can afford advertising in Tv, by all means go for it.


This is one of the oldest and the staple way of legal marketing. It’s is one of the most effective tools for the attorneys to reach out to the masses. If you feel that the ad space is expensive and unaffordable. The idea of hyper local is cost effective and does the same job. It reaches out to the specific set of local people and get the same job done. Personal injury marketing can also be done through magazines and it is not expensive. You will find the option of hyper locals in them as well. Imagine getting an ad in the magazine by American bar association and the impact it could bring to your brand.


Here we mean to talk about your website, which should be able to satisfy both counsel seekers and information seekers. Make sure your website is user friendly and is able to answer all the queries from their perspective. Remember these are the potential client you are trying to target.

Social media

Social media is the need of the hour, it’s probably more effective in personal injury marketing than other marketing approaches which could be a passé. Facebook, Twitter. You tube and Pinterest are some of the tools that convey the message and build an audience for you. Most of the law firms are utilising get this cost effective method of marketing very well.

While it is evident that marketing is the key to success, there will still be the leaders in the field and the ones who lag behind. It’s for them to make decisions at the right time to think about positioning themselves and their brand at the right place and with the right strategies. There is no harm in consulting marketing experts for their skilled advise.

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